I am a Software Developer living and working in Seattle, WA. I have a passion for photography, languages(Human and computer), and cooking.

For a long time, I have focused on pushing as much raw information into my puny human skull as possible; this blog is where I am going to relay some of that and hopefully help others avoid some of the pitfalls I have experienced.

Software was never where I expected myself to end up. Although I was surrounded by hi-tech and software from a young age (my father worked for a hardware memory and software company), it never really captured my interest. I was always far more interested in reading as many books as possible, and studying a far less applicable trade: Mathematics! This all changed in college, where I was continuing to study Math and was required to learn to program C++. In an unsurprising turn of events, I hated it. C++ and Matlab were all I knew about programming until I was out of college about a year, when I decided to try to write an IOS application. Turns out I liked that a bit better! Soon after I picked up Python because a friend told me “the web is where its at”, and from there I learned that there are TONS of programming languages, and the foundations of all of them were heavily steeped in mathematics! Where was this info when I was in college?! So, I find myself years on having worked professionally with Python, Ruby, R, Javascript (boo) and Javascript derivatives (Coffeescript, Clojurescript), Haskell (Small but very rewarding project), and most recently Elixir and Rocky Mountain Basic (Yes, seriously!). I use programming as my excuse to learn more Math and further my personal education.

Outside of software and math, I also love film photography (you can see some of my work here) as it keeps me away from a computer screen. I have been lucky enough to travel extensively which satisfies my love of language and eating strange and tasty things!

I have a rabbit who are fantastic at RDD named Luna.